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We are a global technology service provider, that helps organizations throughout their digital transformation journey.

We build premium software for our partners,

that people would use, enjoy and keep using.


We also provide wide range of digital services with unmatched quality. ​We believe that our success comes from our clients, and their growth adds to our success story. This is why we are committed to offer the most innovative, reliable, modern and smart solutions.

Illustrations Company Profile_01. WHO WE

The question, “Who are you?”

can be either simple or complex

Depending how philosophical you want to get. Many people live their lives without really contemplating the latter. In fact, figuring out the answer was our first order of business.

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We periodically host public events
Track our events, and join us 


Our people are our greatest asset

It is by the determination and enthusiasm of our people that we serve the needs of our clients. We cultivate a multi-national team, so we can effectively meet the unique needs of our diverse client base.  We invest in our employees and ensure their interests remain focused on the long-term needs of our clients. 

Areeb Story

is more about our clients’ successes, than our own


We believe that the employee’s private and professional life should have a good balance.

We encourage flexible working conditions whenever possible and encourages its employees to have interests and motivations outside work.

Working from Home


We stay in Areeb office more than our houses. We invested many years in building and maintaining a great working environment that makes you feel right at home. We combine flexibility with discipline under one roof.


Our goal is to create a corporate culture in which performance is rewarded equitably and sustainably.  With clear leadership from management and input from employees, our corporate cultural embodies the spirit of responsible and sustainable practices, including:

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