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Design sprint workshops are a great way to get everyone’s ideas on the table. Sprints are designed to remove personal biases and level the playing field. Your people will work well together while contributing individually. As a result, your business will benefit from cross-discipline ideas, knowledge, and experience across the board.



Day 1

We come together on day one to define the challenge, striving to capture as many solution ideas as possible. Setting blockers aside, we build a concept map that dares to ask: “how might we” move towards our goals?

During this day, we go from background concepts to concrete ideas. Activities include SME interviews to deepen the group’s understanding, 4-part sketching to capture ideas, and lightning demos to communicate ideas to the group.


Day 3

On day three, the entire team leaps into action. Back at our offices, we’ll design and build a working prototype based on the chosen solution. Our agile process enables us to turn around a high-fidelity prototype at lightning speed.

While our designers and developers are busy creating the experience, our user research team will find and schedule five user testers who are available to give the design sprint group first-hand insights the very next day.


Day 2

On day two, we align our thinking by carefully curating the group’s ideas. Then, we push our thinking further to find the strongest contenders — and prepare to turn the idea into a working prototype.

Working through rounds of solution presentations, heat map, straw poll, and deciding votes, the group will select the best solution for development. Together, we’ll create a more detailed storyboard and testing flows to validate the new prototype with users.


Day 4

Customers don’t have to imagine. Day four allows us to test the prototype with five real users to learn exactly what they think of the experience. User feedback, positive or negative, is the best way to refine solutions until they’re just right.

We’ll create a testing report for you, identifying how users felt, where they had moments of frustration or joy, and how much they valued the experience as a whole. You’ll gain the evidence you need to move forward, course-correct, or refine the solution to build a product users will love.

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We solve big problems and validate ideas
in a focused 4-day span. 
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