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We are a full-service and global technology provider that helps organizations throughout their digital transformation journey.

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Our focus continues to be on the protection and wellbeing of

employees, clients, and shareholders


Areeb Technology is aiming toward delivering the most innovative technology solutions that make a good change to people life. We prioritize the quality of our products and the value driven out of it.

Our focus continues to be on the protection and wellbeing of employees, clients, and shareholders.


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Moving People


Like all great companies, we strive to hire the best people, and we value integrity, excellence, respect, and collaboration. 

Our core philosophy is people over process. With this approach, we are a more flexible, fun, stimulating, creative, collaborative and successful organization.

We believe that people thrive on being trusted, on freedom, and on being able to make a difference. So we foster freedom and empowerment wherever we can.


The hallmark of good corporate governance is an independent minded board of directors to oversee management and represent the interests of shareholders. Its primary responsibilities are to monitor performance, review and approve strategy and assess financial reporting and risk management. 

We also committed to maintaining a majority-independent Board of Directors that effectively represents the interests of our shareholders and promotes sound corporate governance and ethical behavior by the members of the Board and our employees. 

Board Meeting
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Areeb Annual reports and financial data are privately sent to shareholders only at the current time.

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