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The journey to Areeb agile organization

We all know what an agile organization is, and why it is important. But figuring out how to pull off an agile transformation is another question.

I was practically introduced to Agile and Scrum. The personal impact that I saw on myself after working a few months with Agile was that I felt more engaged and motivated as I was involved during various Scrum events. There was more sense of belonging.

In my opinion, the general benefits of Scrum to the team is the change from “I” to “We” perspective. Everyone in Areeb here to contribute and give their best. There is no blame game, and everyone is responsible. This gelled together and it was and still a great feeling that I have always enjoyed the most.

We focused more on developing the team, our success is totally connected with the success of my team. Scrum and Agile inspired me to educate myself about leadership, exercise it, understand personal and team growth and maturity — and develop self-awareness. Now we are building teams who then build an innovative product and add value to customer’s business. When I am not developing teams then I develop myself.

By facilitating different workshops and events, I intend to create a fun and learning environment. People have come back and said thank you; a huge energy boost for me.

Scrum and Agile made sense to me and opened my thoughts — and I hope they change my destiny as well. It shifted my focus from product to people and aligned in a way that it now contributes more towards creating innovative products. Now, I have more control over the work and that is with less stress.

“Happiness… consists in giving, and in serving others” – Henry Drummond


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