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Boxooo Platform

A Restaurant Marketplace


Boxooo International - UK

Boxooo is a multifaceted food-centric lifestyle destination that aims to connect people, businesses, and communities through various platforms and experiences. Boxooo pledges to foster meaningful relationships and uplift both companies and individuals within their worldwide network of seasoned businesses, entrepreneurial minds, innovators, and catalysts of change. They craft an inspiring and vibrant future for their clients and collaborators alike.

Boxooo aims to empower businesses seeking to grow their digital presence and explore new markets. The company's first international location is scheduled to open in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in August 2024, marking the initial step in their broader global ambitions. Their focus extends beyond this single location, hinting at further international expansion plans in the future.

Boxooo platform project presented a unique set of challenges. As a vibrant marketplace for food lovers and stakeholders, the platform needed to be user-friendly and detailed without compromising simplicity. We faced hurdles in integrating payment systems, managing live orders, tracking deliveries in real-time, and accommodating the diverse requirements of multiple food stakeholders.

Our team at Areeb Technology rose to these challenges with determination and innovation. We simplified the food management process and logic while ensuring that every detail was noticed. Payment integration was achieved seamlessly, and we developed efficient solutions for live order management. Real-time map tracking was implemented for transparency and efficiency, and more than 20 other features are delivered to ensure an effective and functioning digital product. By understanding and addressing the needs of various food stakeholders, we were able to deliver an excellent project that we’re proud to showcase in our portfolio.


Designing, Software Development, Branding, Website Development, IT Solution

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