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Doobo Platform

A Social Riding Experience


Doobo Limited LTD - UK

Doobo is the world's first social riding app. Its trailblazing platform bridges the gap between those in search of distinctive experiences and providers who offer exceptional adventures on land, sea, or in the air. This innovative mobile application and platform empowers users to swiftly choose and book nearby experiences that pique their interest. Whether it’s racing on the ground or flying high in the sky.

Doobo caters to a broad spectrum of experiences, specifically designed for adrenaline junkies and adventurers. The platform also provides an opportunity for hosts to maximize their earnings from their luxury assets. Prioritizing safety, Doobo is dedicated to providing a secure and enjoyable experience for all its users. Whether you’re organizing a lavish yacht party or in pursuit of a high-speed adventure, Doobo serves as your portal to memorable experiences.

The development of the Doobo platform was a multifaceted endeavor that posed numerous challenges. The platform, which serves as a bridge for people to engage in trip-based experiences, is composed of three applications across three distinct platforms. A key challenge was to ensure the safety of both hosts and guests. We were also confronted with the task of live trip tracking regardless of the medium of the adventure, a critical component for maintaining transparency and efficiency. Moreover, safeguarding user data on the cloud was a significant hurdle that we had to surmount.

In spite of challenges, our team at Areeb Technology managed to transform Doobo into a remarkable success story. We accomplished the app delivery and publishing successfully with multiple seamless integrations with multiple platforms, thereby ensuring a smooth and transparent user experience. We also instituted strong data protection measures to secure user data on the cloud. These achievements have not only established Doobo as a safe and reliable platform for unique experiences but also rekindled the spirit of adventure among its users. We take pride in our team’s accomplishments and the positive influence we’ve exerted through the Doobo platform.


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