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Samhan Investments - KSA


Client Requirement:
Samhan Investments sought to establish a strong and cohesive brand identity that would reflect their values of trust, security, integrity, and strength. Additionally, they required a comprehensive website to represent their investment banking services online.

Solution Delivered:
We provided a full branding service for Samhan Investments, including the creation of a unique logo that embodies their core values and identity. The logo design integrates the name "Samhan" with elements symbolizing protection and trust, seamlessly blending Arabic and modern design aesthetics.

In addition to branding, we developed a sophisticated and user-friendly website for Samhan Investments. The website is designed to offer visitors an engaging and informative experience, showcasing the company's services and commitment to excellence in investment banking.

Key Features:
- Brand Identity: Developed a distinctive logo and brand identity that captures the essence of Samhan Investments.
- Website Design: Created a professional and visually appealing website with intuitive navigation and comprehensive information about their services.
- Applications: Designed various branded materials, including letterheads, business cards, and envelopes, to ensure consistency across all communication channels.

- The logo combines the elements of the name "Samhan," a shield, and the word "Samhan" in Arabic, representing protection and trust.
- The website features a modern design with a green and gold color scheme, emphasizing professionalism and reliability.
- Branded materials such as stationery and marketing collateral were designed to maintain a consistent and professional appearance.

With this comprehensive branding and website solution, Samhan Investments now presents a unified and professional image, both online and offline, reinforcing their position as a trusted leader in the investment banking industry.

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